Samsung and Intel are building the first ‘slidable PC’ in the world

The world's first "sliding PC" is being developed by Samsung and Intel

Intel and Samsung Display are creating first ‘slidable PC’ in the world. During Intel Innovation event, Samsung Display CEO JS Choi appeared on stage to present a prototype PC that changes from a 13-inch tablet to a 17-inch display.

Intel was previously prepared for a dual-screen and foldable future before Microsoft abandoned ambitions for Windows 10X on foldables. It’s currently unknown, how Intel will make the PC slidable. but software and applications for these revolutionary form factors should immediately shine.

The prototype gadget presented by Samsung Display and Intel today uses a flexible display and a sliding mechanism to convert a 13-inch tablet into a 17-inch monitor. At one display, Intel was eager to show off its new Unison software, which aims to connect Intel-powered PCs to iPhones and other devices.

There is presently no information available from Intel or Samsung Display on when the slidable PC will be commercially available.

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