Privacy Policy

Privacy and policy

Your privacy is important to us. At Orangearticle we have fundamental principal that we follow:

  • We never ask you for your personal data unless we truly need it.
  • We do not store any personal information of our visitors on our servers unless we needed for the on-going operation of our site.
  • We do not collect any kind information and share with anyone of our visitor’s data.

Website Visitors

Anyone can visit our website and they can read their favorite blog or article posts. We always try to avoid spam on our site. and we always keep our site secure and spam free. We published every day helpful article and blog post on our site, and we always try to avoid spam in comment section, and we genuinely care about our visitors. If they face any kind of issue, they can contact us through our mail ([email protected]) or from contact page contact

Gathering personal information

Currently we do not collect any kind your personal information. We only collect basic information like your Gmail account to do comment on post, and your social media links like Facebook, Instagram, reddit to build your profile on our website.


you may have seen google ads on our site. and if you feel annoy with the ads, we are sorry for that, to run this site, we do not have other choice but day by day we working to developing this site. and we do not sell any kind of products or promote products on our site.


if you really enjoy and love to visit our site you can subscribe with your mail to get all the update notification to you mail account. We do not send any kind of spam massages or any others unnecessary information.


We do not write or publish any kind of adult content on our site 

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