How to art picture by AI 2022

Are you looking forward to art pictures with AI ?

The world is changing day by day, technology is also changing . And with that, AI has reached the highest level of technological progress. There was a time when people preserved pictures by painting. And then, with the development of technology, people can draw with computers . But today, with the development of technology, the computer can art your imagination in a minutes with the help of artificial intelligence without humans.

In this article, we will show you how to art picture with AI Midjourney

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney AI is a research lab and the name of the lab is Artificial Intelligence. Midjourney Website dealing with AI or Artificial Intelligence. It is similar to DALLE-E or OpenAI.

Follow the steps below to create your image

Before start note that you can’t use it without Discord. If you have Discord before and want to explore your midjourney – follow the processes. And if you don’t have discord account then just create an account form this link ‘Discord

How to art picture by AI Midjourney
Discord midjourney AI

after creating a discord account just simply click on this link Midjourney, and you will see this page just click on “Join the beta” button and it will redirect you to the next page.

How to art picture by AI Midjourney
Midjourney ai

after clicked ‘sing in ‘ button you will redirect to this page and click on ” click accept invite ” this button

How to art picture by AI Midjourney

next you will see this page

How to art picture by AI Midjourney

follow the screenshots

How to art picture by AI Midjourney

Then type ‘/’ (slash) in the input box below, you will see many commands will appear. Click on /imagine from among these. Or directly type /imagine followed by a space.

art picture with midjourney

After type space button, an option called ‘Prompt‘ will appear, enter the image you want to generate. Must write here in English. If you write something word it will not take input.

midjourney ai

midMidjourney’s AI starts generating images based on the details you provide

picture are made with computers

Finally Now you can upscale or enlarge the one you like from the four images. Click on U1 U2 U3 U4 below to enlarge the image. If you click on U1, the first of the four images will be converted into a single image. Clicking on U2 will upscale the second image.

art picture with artificial intelligence

Once the image is completely created, click on the image. Click on ‘Open Original Image’ in the lower left corner. Then download your image once it’s loaded.

how to art picture with ai

And finally you will get the full size picture which you art by ai and you can download it now

midjourney ai pictures download

Isn’t it amazing, in this way you can art a lot of pictures

[all the pictures and content credit goes to Tusher Ahmed ]

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