How to start learning virtual assistance for amazon 2023 complete guideline


In 2022 Working as a virtual assistant on Amazon is a profitable way to earn money online. If you want to be a successful amazon virtual assistant first you need to understand the responsibilities of an amazon virtual assistant.

How to start learning VA for amazon 2022

Responsibilities of an amazon virtual assistant

An amazon virtual assistant’s responsibilities are that he have to knowledge about

  • Product Sourcing
  •  online marketing
  • Customer Service
  • content creation for blogs
  • Listing New Products
  • Optimizing Product Content for Amazon SEO
  • Running PPC Ads on Amazon etc.

What Does Amazon Virtual Assistant Do?

As an Amazon virtual assistant, you have to manage one or all aspects of a seller’s account, this includes every aspect of selling items on Amazon, and even running advertising campaigns.

Below are the roles of Amazon virtual assistant.

Product Sourcing

If you don’t know, what is product sourcing?

then Product sourcing is the process of purchase product inventory from a supplier and then reselling them to the customers. Common product sourcing methods include searching for a custom product manufacturer, purchasing third-party goods from a wholesale vendor, and partnering with a dropshipper

There are many Business is on the Internet seeking an expert virtual assistant who can source product for their Business. And for this, you must know how to find a product with high profit, low competition, light weight and a large search volume.

Online Marketing

You must have sufficient knowledge of online marketing as well as marketing tools. And you should know how to get to the customer via online marketing.

Customer service

You have to reach out to customers on behalf of the business , these communications are located on the Amazon Seller Account Dashboard, which means you will have access to the account. And It is your responsibility to resolve any problems that the customer reports.

Listing New Products

An Amazon Virtual Assistant needs to be familiar enough with the listing new products. This is one of the main roles of An Amazon virtual assistant. And sometimes a company or someone who has hired you may not have the time or ability to build an effective list of new products on Amazon.

Optimizing product content for Amazon SEO

You should have sufficient knowledge about product optimizing and SEO. Because the most important thing a salesperson has to do is for their products to appear in the search results .

Running PPC Ads on Amazon

Creating ad campaigns is a key reason for most Amazon companies to hire virtual assistants ,There are lot of online platform where you can create an ad campaigns.

A virtual assistant that is efficient in creating and running well optimized Amazon Pay-Per-Click ads will easily get hired and earn also thousands of dollars monthly.

How to start learning Virtual Assistant for amazon

If you want to become an Amazon Virtual Assistant, first you should know about the responsibilities, then you can move on to learning step by step what we have discussed above.

There are so many things you have to learn if you want to be more expert and the best choice would be and very helpful if you take a course about amazon VA you can get a lot of cheap price courses on ‘Udemy‘ and start learning.

After learning, you can apply your skill and make money from the freelance website like ‘freelancer.comfiverr‘ ‘upwork‘, etc.

Once you become an expert at Amazon VA , then you can apply numerous of reputed companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can make amazon virtual assistant by offering online services?

A beginner Amazon virtual assistant can earn money from $500 to $1,000 monthly, a mid-level Amazon VA earns between $1,500 to $3,000 monthly, while a professional VA can get as much as $6,000 monthly.

How does An Amazon Virtual Assistant work??

Amazon virtual assistant can work remotely, they could be hired part time, full time, or could be hired for a specific time and specific tasks.

How much time do I need to learn?

It depends on you how and how much time you invest to learn.

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